Foals Bred By

Shangri La Ranch

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The 2004 Pomona Keuring Champion 1st Premium Colt Nieuw Hachje (Otte x Zambi ster)
The 2003 model daughter Kaatje P. (Feike x Thialda W. model)

One of two embryo transfer miracles from our model mare Thialda W. Kaatje P. is very much like her exquisite dressage champion father Feike.

  The 2003 model daughter Kathialda (Wander x Thialda W. model) 

An embryo transfer from our model mare Thialda W., Kathialda is named after her magnificent mother who she is so like.oo

  The 2003 colt Kosmo (Wander x Zenobia ster (Melle x Thialda W. model)

The best Friesian we've bred. So perfectly porportioned, exceptional temperment, a truly stunning colt. By a twice Champion stallion, out of our Model mare daughter, herself by Dutch Champion stallion Melle, Kosmo is a born showstopper.

    The 2003 filly Lolalea (Anne x Zambi de Peiror (Wander x Xiana ster)

Delicate, beautiful, a miracle. Lolalea is very sweet and mannerly, so like her dam & granddam. Exotic movement, Lolalea is fancy, fancy, fancy.  The world revolves around her.

The 2002 stallion Gauguin (Bonne x Thialda W. model) - 2004 IFSHA Grand National Champio nColt

A spectacular colt, a true son of Bonne. With his royal heritage, Gauguin is art itself; thus he carries his name well. Trusting, sweet tempered, majestic neck, exceptional confirmation, a true beauty that fills the eye and heart.



The 2000 mare Anacapa de Perior (Wander x Thialda W. model) - Dressage Hi-Point Champion

A true daughter of her father, Anacapa has long smooth bone, straight legs, and look at that muscling!  Beautiful head with small tipped ears and the deepest eye we've seen.  She has the absolutely square body of her mother, and the little-bit-extra-of-poll that makes a majestic headset.  Anacapa has been winning Hi-Point at Dressage shows in Southern California..





The 1999 Ster mare Zenobia ster (Melle x Thialda W. model) - 2004 IFSHA Grand National Saddleseat Champion

The best we've bred.  Zenobia truly is the best of both parents.  Named after a 2nd  century Ethiopian queen. She has the thick hair of  her sire,  twice Dutch champion Melle and the confirmation of her model mother, great hind quarters, suspension that dances. Zenobia is 2004 IFSHA Grand National Champion Saddleseat, and also excels in dressage - and - working cows.



The 1999 Ster mare Zambi (Wander x Xiana ster) - 2002 Del Mar Champion Halter and Saddle

The long legged, smooth, and very black Zambi, named after a model mare from the 30's.   Her exotic motion exceeds her saddle champion mother.   Zambi has the loosest shoulder, and like her champion sire Wander, sets on her haunches, arches her neck and throws those front legs out.  She's got hocks, she's got height, she's got suspension. All who see are in awe. Hot, spicy, always on show, this filly, is spectacular.  Like her mother, the more crowds and noise, the better she likes it.



The 1998 stallion Tobias (Feitse pref x Thialda W. model)

Fabulous breeding, sired by a preferent stallion and out of our model mare.  Sheer refined beauty and athletic ability.  Tobias is so easy to handle, we could always handle him with no halter, he stood so good for brushing and hoof picking. Named after a talented, eccentric, genius friend who became a  Buddist priest, Tobias has that deep, sensitive soul. 



 The 1997 Gelding Sebastian (Bendert x Xiana ster)

Reserve Champion colt at his keuring, we named Sebastian to be a gentleman.  He however, had other ideas. Playful, smart, Sebastian continues to escape his stall today.   He loves to take his owners for walks around the neighborhood. Exotic little ears, solid smooth bone, the Bendert influence really dominated in this cross. With his sharp mind and beautiful conformation, Sebastian has the makings of a great one.


The 1996 Gelding Mozart (Frans x Xiana ster) -Champion Dressage

Affectionately called "Ozzie" because he is like the rock star with his laid back nature, great talent and love of people.  Out of the great tempered Frans, and the 1998 Pamona Saddle champion mare Xiana, Ozzie - the horse -  has fans that still ask after him today.