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Shangri La Friesians, in the highest standards of FPS Studbook tradition, strives to produce the best quality purebred Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek registered Friesian foals from the finest mares and stallions.


Shangri La Friesians is the home of the Model mare 'Thialda W.' and the IFSHA Grand National Saddleseat Champion ster mare 'Zenobia'.


We are a small farm in the magical and serene "Shangri La Valley" between Ojai and Ventura, California, producing 1 to 4 foals each year.   Our broodmares are Model or Ster and have "full" papers (every dam is model or ster).


Our foals are handled at birth and receive individual attention, affection and handling.  Shangri La's customers are usually other Friesian breeders.  We have an established reputation of producing excellent fillies and mares for breeding programs.


Our motto is 'Mare Power' and we believe in the genetic strength of breeding 'on the motherline'. 

Shangri La Friesians also import horses directly from top breeders in Friesland whose families have been breeding Friesians for hundreds of years. Most horses we import are either Model or 1st premium ster.

A Shangri La  foal is a valuable addition to anyone's breeding or show barn, as well as a treasured family companion.

Shangri La Friesians Friesians is a member of FPS, the Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek Society, FHANA, the Friesian Horse Association of North America and the Central California Friesian Horse Club.


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